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Educational Services

Dr. Daves is widely recognized expert in the field of education. She shares her inspirational message in speeches and seminars to administrators, teachers and students in both large and small group settings.

Most Frequently Requested Signature Keynotes

“Lighten Up and Enjoy Your Job”
Avoiding Burnout by Focusing on the Positive

“How to be a Great Teacher and a True Professional”
No-nonsense Tips for Success In the Classroom

“Making a Difference One Child at a Time”
A Call to Action for Educators

“Teaching Isn’t For Dummies”
A Humorous Look into the Complex World of Teaching

“Reclaiming Our Children”
Rebuilding Our Communities Through Strong Schools

Sample Presentation Topics*

This interactive workshop is designed to introduce specific examples of games, activities, projects, writing assignments, and many more creative ideas teachers can use in their classes to make them more exciting. Discussion will be centered around how, when, and why educators should be adjusting their teaching styles to get their students more involved and motivated toward the subjects they are teaching.

Make Your Classrooms Come Alive

*Jada can custom design in-service sessions or other programs to meet specific needs within your organization.

What People Are Saying...

Thank you for providing an informative and entertaining morning to begin our school year. The evaluations were positive and very complimentary.

Linda H., Grainger County Board of Ed.

You were simply fantastic in your presentation to our teachers. Thank you for assisting us in beginning the new school year on a positive note.

Judy P., Greene County Schools

Thanks for your inspiring program to our student body! Your candid approach to storytelling definitely made a life-changing impact on our school.

Wanda H., Whitwell High School

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