Jada DavesDr. Jada Daves is the founder and president of Positive Results, a motivational speaking, training and program development firm. She earned her doctorate from Vanderbilt University in Human Resource Development and has 22 years experience in training and education.

Jada is definitely one in a million, or should we say “one in millions.” She broke all odds and gave extended life to her critically-ill, one-year-old son by being a perfect-match donor for his kidney transplant. The unbelievable story captured the attention of national media sources such as CNN and USA Today, and Jada is happy to share the miraculous journey she and her family have traveled.

Dr. Daves also delivers programs that provide valuable insight on topics such as customer service, employee motivation, leadership, work/life balance, team building, and other workplace issues. Her client list includes individuals in the hospitality industry, sales, manufacturing, government, education, management, and healthcare, among many others.

Jada’s zeal for life is infectious as she shares how the unexpected changes we all face can encourage us to become better. Her hard-hitting, honest, and detailed storytelling will challenge even the most reluctant listener to look at things from a different perspective.

She is married to Kevin and is the mother of five children. Jada is also an author, former talk radio host, and songwriter.

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